Early Medieval (mostly) Textiles #9

Dr Alexandra Makin

Welcome to the March 2021 post. This is the second of the two-part installment about Viking textile production, Weaving Identities II. In this post Dolores Kearney continues where Mary Valente left off. Dolores focuses entirely, on Viking Dublin, approaching the women of that settlement and its textile production through the concept of the châine opératoire and informed by an object-based analysis. This post offers tus a different style of archaeological perspective on women and textile production in Viking Dublin.

Dolores M Kearney | University College Dublin - Academia.edu

Dolores is at the mid-stage of her PhD Irish Research Council funded scholarship, which is entitled “Weaving stories: reconstructing the manufacture, uses and discards of textiles in Early Medieval Ireland and beyond 500-1100 AD”. Her research topic is using a fusion of archaeology, history, and the methodologies of experimental archaeology to investigate the stories of textile production, not seeking to define the women of the early medieval period but rather…

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